Hillgro Nurseries is a well-established SGASA accredited macadamia tree nursery in KZN, promising exceptional quality grafted macadamia trees to South African growers. Hillgro was first started in 2001 and thanks to positive word of mouth we now supply over 100 satisfied customers.

Owner, Greg Hill, has an honour’s degree in horticulture from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and over 25 years of farming experience, which enables our customers access to invaluable advice from both a nurseryman and grower perspective. 

With access to over 140 hectares of our own macadamia orchards we are able to source grafting material from the best producing trees, assuring timely delivery of quality macadamia trees.

We continuously aim to produce the highest quality macadamia trees, ensuring our customers the best possible return on their Macadamia investment. On our own farm we have managed to achieve an average yield  of just over 2kg dry nut in shell on Beaumont and A4, or 5.9kg nut in husk per tree, on trees averaging 3 years and 2 months old at harvest. Some Beaumont trees in this orchard harvested over 1200 nuts per tree at exactly 3 years old! 

Reasons to choose Hillgro Nurseries

  • We are an accredited SGASA nursery, ensuring best nursery practises.
  • The customer always comes first at Hillgro Nurseries.
  • We have happy and highly trained staff
  • We have a proud history of meeting all our orders on time, and our nursery is open to customers who would like a look at any time.
  • We place a lot of emphasis on employing locally and uplifting our staff
  • We have stringent quality controls and don’t release trees from the nursery before they are completely “plant-out” ready
  • Growers are given amazing service and invaluable advice on macadamia trees, from their first point of contact right through until tree delivery.
  • We do not try to nurse sick or slow trees, we throw them away before they get to you.



We are a proud member of the South African Macadamia Association and are accredited by the Seedling Growers Association of South Africa (SGASA). SGASA’s Certification Scheme aims to (i) promote good nursery practices, (ii) ensure legislative requirements are met and (iii) recognise nurseries that are excelling in our industry. Click here to see our related certificates. (SAMAC, SGASA, ANA, DAFF)